East West Wellness Enterprise is dedicated to cultivating joy, health and vitality for all. We offer opportunities to learn from select teachers bridging wisdoms from East and West. Join us on a journey exploring what is possible for our human health, for being fully alive, and for developing our fullest potential.

Some of our core premises include:

  • Health is our natural blueprint.  A happy, healthy life is our birthright.
  • Simple, natural methods exist to create, maintain, improve and/or restore health and well-being.
  • These practices and methods involve increasing awareness of our bodies and energy as well as attuning to our nature and natural rhythms as creatures of earth.
  • These practices and methods are generally inexpensive and free of side effects.
  • Practicing these methods and spreading this wisdom results in healthier and happier individuals, who are empowered around their own health and wellbeing.
  • Happier individuals contribute to generating joy, health and vitality for all.
  • Living from a place of health, joy and connection to our nature,  we naturally express our role/responsibility as stewards to our Planet.

EWWE goals, activities and practices include:

  • Qigong  local practice groups, retreats, workshops
  • Qigong & Wilderness day-hikes and backpacking treks
  • Hosting visiting teachers
  • Supporting and networking with teachers and practitioners of natural wellness arts
  • Providing an active voice in the promotion of self-directed health care.
  • Participating in Dialog to transform the conversation of health care,

and helping to shift the dominant paradigm as to the philosophy of health and illness, what is true health care, who can access it, what are the goals, and how  the health of people is best served.

EWWE was founded in 2012 by Jean Clough, Daniel Wall and Karen Fletcher.

For more information about EWWE contact Jean Clough at jeancloughlmp@hotmail.com or Karen  Fletcher at karen.dancingqi@gmail.com.