Workshops with Claire and Jerigtu

International Qigong Instructors, Claire Johnson and Jerigtu live in China, and travel to the US for several months each year to teach their engaged and powerful perspective on Qigong and healing.

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Qigong with Trees

Explore your earth gym!

This outdoor class combines Qigong fundamentals with stone-toning, tree-weaving with ropes and staff training…and a lot of FUN

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ZY Qigong Level 1- Series, with Karen and Jean

Level 1 ZY Qigong is a chance to see what qigong is all about. While it was once taught in secret, ZY Qigong is quite accessible for everyone – beginners to advanced students. We will learn exercises to rid the body of stress, tension and energy blockages. And we will practice methods for gathering energy, boosting your body’s natural self-healing capacity. Every class is experiential – we will meditate and practice movement and breathing exercises. You will leave at the end of a series knowing techniques you can use for life to enhance your sense of wellbeing, relieve negative emotions, and cultivate vitality. Unlike other qigong systems, ZY Qigong is not form-based. This system involves a few simple, yet profound practices. We invite you to try it!

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