Claire JohnsonMaster teacher Claire Guyu Johnson grew up in China, apprenticed by lineage holder of ZY Qigong, Mingtang Xu.  Part of her practice has included solitary meditations without food or water in Chinese and Tibetan caves.   Claire’s approach is heart centered, as opening the heart is one of the most effective entry ways to enter the subtle realm of energy (qi) and information.  This refined awareness helps us in unifying the body and mind, bringing coherency to our emotions, energy, physical being and spiritual being.  Through consistent practice of being in this awareness, being in the present, being in the body, one becomes a fuller and purer resemblance of  the “Zhen Rin”, or the true, genuine human being.  Claire teaches and heals throughout the US, Europe and China with her husband, Mongolian shaman and healer, Jerigtu.



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