Dr. ZhaoDr. Zhao is one of China’s top Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors and Herbalists, and is one of only 80 doctors in all of China who passed the highest level Chinese Medical Tui Na and Massage exam last fall. He, like ZY Qigong’s Grandmaster Mingtang Xu, grew up in Henan Province, learning techniques from his grandfather that have been passed down through his family lineage. One acupressure method, called ‘Dian Xue’ in Chinese (referred to as one of the ‘Shaolin monk methods’) is no longer taught in schools or available in the current medical texts.

In addition, Dr. Zhao has spent a lifetime studying rare texts to learn most effective treatments.  Dr. Zhao is a much sought after healer in China; people travel from far distances to receive his care.  Karen Fletcher has been studying with Dr. Zhao at is clinic in Zhengzhou, China.  And Dr. Zhao has visited the US twice since 2009.  He is eager to share his special knowledge with students of the West, in order that traditional, older Chinese medical knowledge is preserved.  He works with needles, herbs and massage.

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Dr. Zhao and EWWE are collaborating to develop a program of educational exchange, so Western acupuncturists and other health professionals can learn directly from Dr. Zhao, both in China and the US, both in person and with virtual lectures.  If interested please contact Karen Fletcher at  karen.dancingqi@gmail.com