Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - Wednesday, December 13, 2017 5:15 pm to 6:45 pm

Location:   Greenlake Community Center

Instructor(s): Jean Clough

PLEASE NOTE:  Date change.  This class will start November 8th, not November 1st.

According to Ancient Chinese Medical texts, hundreds of diseases come from impingements of the spine.

Jade Body is a wonderful form for exercising the spine and releasing blocked energy that may be keeping you from grace of movement and good health!


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In this form we open the heart area, breathe deeply and stretch, generating flow of qi through all the channels of the body.  We also cleanse the body, and generate fluidity in the spine by doing movements that unlock certain points.  These points are also critical points in the body’s defense system, thus regular practice of Jade Body boosts your immune system.

Learning this form is perfect in the fall to help boost your capacity to ward off colds and flus!

Jade is considered a very pure and stable, solid substance; it symbolizes the feeling in your body when you are in excellent health.

The exercises of Jade Body are quite simple and can be modified for all abilities.

Class will also include sitting meditation, so please bring a mat and cushion, or sit in one of the chairs we provide.

To sign up, call the Greenlake Community Center at  (206) 684-0780  listing # 167451..   Or Click here to sign up at Seattle Parks and Recreation online.

Questions?  Contact Jean at 206-898-4420.

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