Friday, June 3, 2016 - Saturday, June 11, 2016

Location:   University of Central Oklahoma

Instructor(s): Grandmaster Xu Mingtang

Grandmaster Xu Mingtang will be in Oklahoma for this year’s much anticipated 5 day retreat, plus – only rarely offered – Level 4 ZY Qigong.  Dates:  June 3- 11, 2016. Visit the Registration Website.  Or read below for more information.

Grandmaster Mingtang Xu

Grandmaster Xu Mingtang

ZY Qigong intensive Shaolin-style retreat–Afternoon of June 3rd through afternoon of June 7th-Price: $576 retreat only

These 5 days of concentrated practice with our Grandmaster will allow you to experience and deeply receive these teachings, whether you are new to Qigong or a long-time practitioner, as he tailors his teaching to the attendees’ needs and abilities. Lecture and practice will be integrated. We will be learning the ancient philosophy of ZY Qigong and how to apply it to our modern way of life, as well as how to regulate and strengthen our physical, energetic and spiritual systems. We will also gain insight and practical skills in Image Medicine – an ancient Chinese branch of medicine that sees the keys behind the symptoms and heals extraordinarly effectively with intention.

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ZY Qigong Level 4–Morning of June 8th through evening of June 9th. Price:$370-Level 4 only

This is a rare opportunity to receive Level 4 training with Grandmaster Mingtang. Having him offer it here in Oklahoma is a real gift, adding depth and expanse for our personal practice and development. While the first 3 levels of ZY Qigong direct trainees in methods to improve health and awaken dormant abilities, the fourth level unites the student and the teacher, enabling acquisition of additional abilities through direct transmission. The Level 4 workshop is open to students who have attended the 5 day retreat June 3-7, or have completed Level 3.

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Personal Student Day–All day June 10th.  Cost for existing students:suggested donation $100-$200

You need to already be a personal student to attend this workshop, or apply to become a new personal student. Acceptance of application is at the sole discretion of Grandmaster Xu Mingtang. Please contact us at if you are interested in becoming a personal student so that we can send you the pertinent information.

“Being with Grandmaster Mingtang is not about the words he speaks. It’s about feeling the intense energy he generates and how that moves in your own body. It’s a tangibly healing experience. You may feel you’re being practiced by Qi, by the natural life force. Only a handful of teachers and healers in the world at this level are still teaching publicly. Come and experience Grandmaster Mingtang’s presence and transmission in your own being.”    – The ZY Qigong team

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