Sunday, February 18, 2018 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Location:   Carkeek Park

Instructor(s): Jean Clough

Walking Qigong was designed specifically as an anti-cancer Qigong.  It is gentle and can be practiced by anyone who can walk.

Walking Qigong, also called Xi Xi Hu, was developed by Madam Guo Lin in the 1970’s in China.  Madam Guo Lin battled recurring cancer starting in 1949. She had operations to remove her uterus and later her bladder. When she had another relapse, the doctors gave her six months to live. But Guo Lin was not ready to succumb. In her desire to live, she turned to Qigong.  Qigong has been practiced in China in many forms for thousands of years. Qi Gong is roughly translated as Energy Cultivation or Breath Work.  Guo Lin began to practice Qigong her that grandfather, a Taoist priest, had taught her as a child.  She wasn’t getting the results she desired at first,  so she doggedly studied, practiced and researched, turning to ancient texts her grandfather had bequeathed her.  Over time, Guo Lin developed walking qigong and practiced diligently for two hours every day.  In 6 months, her cancer had subsided.  She lived many more years in and in 1970 began teaching her method.

Walking Qigong has been studied extensively in China and is well known for it’s anti-cancer effects.  The benefits are attributed to creating an oxygen-rich environment in the blood due to the breathing techniques; generating relaxation in the whole body; and giving the practitioner something to focus on outside of normal thought patterns, which brings one into a meditative, healing state of mind.  With right practice, the body and mind come in to the ideal state to fight cancer, as well as other diseases.

Please come learn with us! The intro class is 4 sessions.  And after that time, you will know the exercises and can do Walking Qigong with others in the group at no cost.

We will meet at the Environmental Learning Center at Carkeek Park, and will practice outside on the lawn. Please come prepared to walk in the cool, possibly wet weather.

Dates (come to any 4):

Sat. 1/13 at 10 am

Sat. 1/20 at 8 am

Sat. 1/27 at 10 am

Sun. 2/4 at 10 am

Sat. 2/10 at 10 am

Sun. 2/18 at 10 am



Jean Clough, Qigong Instructor, has been studying Qigong for 18 years and has been a teacher for 10.  She learned Walking Qigong from Dr. Lui Dong, of the Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School.   She also studies with Mingtang Xu of the Zhong Yuan Qigong Lineage.

CONTACT  Jean at 206-898-4420 if you have any questions.


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Walking Qigong Intro Series
4 sessions of Walking Qigong
Walking Qigong - One Session $13.00

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