Yi Jin Jing Practice with Jerigtu was pretty amazing. The exercises are so simple, yet, as we learned from Jerigtu’s clear and easy explanations, they have deep meaning and power to transform the way qi moves through your body. The movement, while it appears external, is mostly happening internally. I could really feel that!
Mingtang’s lecture last night at the Capitol Hill Library, was a whole ‘nother dimension! Mingtang gave a characteristically interesting talk on…well Life and the Universe and where we come from. And what is Energy. He interspersed lessons from Quantum physics, Einstein, Stephen Hawkings, and how the teachings of science at this level line up with his own seeing/understanding via his 3rd eye and via soul travel. Wow. I love learning about how we are all energy, at the basic level. Not matter, just vibrations. And thoughts are energy, that can become substantial….yet we have the power to transform them with intention and image. Very inspiring! I think the key to Qigong is knowing we have the power to intentionally change our bodies, minds, energy, souls to a healthier, better, higher state. Cool Stuff, right!?