Grandmaster Mingtang Xu is the living lineage holder of Zhong Yuan (ZY) Qigong.  He was the first to teach ZY Qigong publicly, having discerned that this age was the right time for all people to have access to these practices for health, longevity and enlightenment.  He travels the world teaching the profound methods of ZY Qigong.  He also has a research center in Beijing, called KundaWell.  People are drawn there from all over the world, to learn healing methods, practice qigong and to receive healing treatments.  There are opportunities to study with Mingtang for 1 month, 2 months or longer classes.  Mingtang also offers month-long qigong meditation intensives at Shaolin Monestary every summer.

Please see Kundawell’s website  for more information.

Mingtang comes to the US to lead meditation intensives every year or every other year.  See our calendar for upcoming events and be sure to sign up for our newsletter on the home page so you don’t miss announcments and updates.  Blessings on your journey!!

Mingtang in Swiss Alps