International Qigong Instructors, Claire Johnson and Jerigtu live in China, and travel to the US for several months each  year to teach their engaged and powerful perspective on Qigong and healing.

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They also offer workshops at Breitenbush Hotsprings, near Detroit, Oregon yearly.


This All-Levels workshop reflects the evolution of Claire and Jerigtu’s teaching of ZY Qigong.   The approach is heart centered, as opening the heart is one of the most effective entry ways to enter the subtle realm of energy (qi) and information.  This refined awareness assists us in unifying the body and mind, bringing coherency to our emotions, energy, physical being and spiritual being.  Through consistent practice of being –  in this awareness, in the present, in the body, one becomes more fully “Zhen Ren.” or the genuine human being.

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LEVEL 1 ZY Qigong
Level 1 focuses on relaxation and the physical body.  We practice releasing stagnation and blockages.  And we gather more energy to increase our vitality.
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LEVEL 2 ZY Qigong
Level 2 moves into quietude and the energy body. We open the heart and gain compassion and calmness.
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YI JIN JING – Classic Tendon Easing Qigong

Learn this classic and powerful qigong form, handed down, teacher to student since the 6th Century AD. Yi Jin Jing improves circulation, flexibility and strength. See Event Page for registration and details.


Image Medicine explores the healing possibilities of Qigong, teaching readily accessible methods to see and remove energy blockages, which  promotes health by clearing pain and disease in yourself and others.
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What will you get out of these workshops?

You may experience a deep release of physical pain, and/or energy blockages; an opening up in your soul to rejuvenation, relaxation and quietness; a new sense of presence and spaciousness and happiness.

Qigong is an adventure, an exploration of the internal universe. You may come for self-healing, for peace, to gain energy, to seek answers to life’s questions, or to explore who and what we are. With a small class size and the compassionate, engaged and healing presence of Claire and Jeregtu, you are likely to get what you’ve come for, and possibly, much more.  Even if you have taken Level 1, Level 2 and/or Image Medicine before, there is always something new that unfolds in each experience with Claire and Jerigtu.

Level 1 is recommended before taking Level 2 or Image Medicine, but not required, especially for those with prior experience in Energy healing and mediation.

To book healing appointments with Claire or Jerigtu, email Claire at