Level 2 opens the heartgate  and integrates and relaxes the energy body. We continue to work out physical blockages, but at a deeper level than in Level 1, releasing energy patterns as well.  The energy in the body, just like the physical body, begins to feel  more harmonious and strong. We also build the middle Dantien, the heart chakra, and quiet the mind. In Level 1 we experience the physical body calming down and decoupling from the mind’s agitation. In Level 2, the relaxation of the energy body influences the mind: the mind slows down and becomes peaceful and quiet. This is the calm state, also known as the qigong state.

ZY Qigong Level 2 practice will help you to:

  • Further increase your energy

  • Improve your immune system

  • Balance your emotions

  • Increase personal power, boundaries

  • Gain openness, non-judgment, leading to compassion for self and others, and unconditional love

Location: Greenlake Community Center, Seattle

Instructors:  Jean Clough and Karen Fletcher

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We very much look forward to sharing this wonderful practice with you!

To register, call the Greenlake Community Center at 206-684-0780, or online at Seattle Parks and Recreation registration.