Mingtang in Swiss AlpsXu Mingtang is the current Grandmaster and lineage holder of Zhong Yuan Qigong, a system that is thousands of years old.  He comes from an ancient Shamanic and Kungfu family closely associated with the Shaolin monastery. One of the foremost teachers and healers in Chinese medicine today, he has taught the ZY Qigong system to more than 40,000 students in at least 17 countries, and he supervises clinics throughout the world.

Xu Mingtang comes from a family of famous surgeons in China’s Henan Province.  Beginning in early childhood, he studied Wushu with his great grandfather and learned Shamanic practices (Wu Yi) from his grandmother.

While still a child, he began training with his first real teacher, an 80-year-old Shaman woman from his village.  There he learned the spiritual healing methods and other practices that are central to the ZY Qigong system.  He studied Traditional Chinese medicine along with his technical studies and his skills were so great that he worked as a hospital diagnostician during his third year of University.

Grandmaster Xu started teaching ZY Qigong outside of China in 1991.  Since 1998, he has led annual international Qigong retreats in Shaolin.  As the current lineage-holder of ZY Qigong, he teaches ZY Qigong and Image Medicine to all levels of students.  Currently, Grandmaster Xu divides his time between his teaching and research at Kundawell Institute in Beijing, and his many healing, teaching and speaking engagements throughout the world.

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